How to Pull Data from Google Spreadsheets in Redash and Create Chart?

How to Pull Data from Google Spreadsheets in Redash and Create Chart?


18 March 2019

Basics of Redash

Redash is an open source data visual image tool for Business Analysts to query, visualize and collaborate. Redash is fast to line up and works with any data source you might need so you can query from anyplace in no time. Redash was engineered to permit quick and straightforward access to billions of records. Redash supports querying of multiple databases as well as Google Spreadsheets. In this blog, you will learn how to pull data from Google Spreadsheets in Redash and visualize your business data.

Steps to pull data from Google Spreadsheets in Redash

  1. Create a Google Service Account
  2. Write a query
  3. Add visualization

To add the Google sheets as an information supply to Redash you initially need to produce a Google Service Account

  • Open the API Credentials page
  • Click the “Create Credentials” button
  • Create a project
  • For Project role; choose Project > Viewer
  • Under key type, choose JSON and click on “create”

Google cloud platform -RedashGoogle cloud platform -Redash

  • After this JSON file will be downloaded
  • In Redash add a new data source for Google Spreadsheets. Name the test connection and upload JSON file

Google spreadsheet -Redash

  • After setting up the data source, you can load the spreadsheets into Redash. Share the spreadsheets with the service account’s email address
  • An email address can be found in the Google Sheets API Credentials page. After sharing the spreadsheet with your service account email address create a new query in Redash

Google cloud platform -Redash

  • In query editor text box, enter your Spreadsheet ID and execute the query

Spreadsheet -Redash

  • Add visualizations and customize it in line with the requirement like a Bar chart, Pie Chart, etc

Number of developer -Redash Project completion -Redash

Learn here the basic steps to configure Redash on AWS server (EC2 Instance)

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