Qwiklabs: A Journey Through the Cloud

Qwiklabs: A Journey Through the Cloud


29 September 2018

Qwiklabs: A Journey Through the Cloud

Cloud technology is one of the most revolutionary technologies. It has given the powerful tool of data storage and computing to private companies as well as to the general public. Data storage and computing have become widely available now with very good prices, and in order to grow its business, one can exploit this technology very efficiently.
Although, the nature of the cloud services being complex requires special training to use them. If you are thinking about how, where and when you can get trained in using the cloud services, you are welcome to take the journey through the Cloud with “ Qwiklabs”! Before hopping aboard you need to know what Qwiklabs is and how does it work. So here is some insight into Qwiklabs.

What is Qwiklabs?

Qwiklabs is an online platform which provides end to end training in Cloud Services. This a platform where you can learn in a live environment anywhere, anytime and on any device. Qwiklabs offers training through various Labs which are specially designed to get you trained in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Qwiklabs has joined hands with Google and now works as a part of Google Cloud. Every year Qwiklabs delivers thousands of labs and has happy learners all over the globe.

What is a Lab?

A Lab is a medium through which Qwiklabs delivers online training. Some of the Labs are also available in different languages helping the users to learn in their own language. These Labs provide practical training using a temporary production environment account allowing the learners to enjoy real hands-on training. Every lab has different time durations according to the topic and level of difficulty.

What is a Quest?

A Quest is a series of labs on a particular topic which help you to obtain mastery in a particular topic. After you complete the Lab, you will receive a badge of this Quest, and you can proudly add it to your resume or your LinkedIn profile.

What is an Advantage Subscription?

If you want to become an expert in Cloud Services then you ought to have an advantage subscription. An advantage subscription is a $55 subscription for a duration of one month. Under this subscription one can take all the labs offered by Qwiklabs for one month. This subscription is the perfect way to master Cloud Services and take the chance to deepen the subjects. As we commonly say: “practice makes perfect!”.

In order to obtain more information on Qwiklabs and how it works you can always visit the FAQ. Qwiklabs also has a 24*7 dedicated technical customer care which you can reach out to any time. Cloud computing is a budding technology which started hitting the mainstream recently. Thus this is a perfect time to start your journey as a Cloud Expert. For individuals as well as organizations obtaining a certification in Cloud Services is a good way to improve marketability. So hop on-board on a journey with Qwiklabs. We will see you in the Cloud! 🙂

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