• The challenge in iCurae was to implement the application that would build a platform to give people an easy way to assists as a decision support tool for Cancer Care and Clinical Trial Management.
  • We overcome with a AWS Lambda implementation by using Lamda functionality.
  • The Patient can search recommended trials and Hospitals with respect to their Cancer stage and type.
  • The Principal Investigator can search, send Request Access to recommended Patient.
  • The Principal Investigator needs to select the subscription plan to access the further application.
  • We have successfully pushed the app on the production server. The user can hit the URL provided and can use the application to search the different Cancer Care and Clinical Trial Mangement
  • The Principal Investigator can send Request Access to Patients
  • The admin can activate/deactivate users accordingly to the Roles and can even edit the details of the user
  • The Patient and Principal Investigator needs to enter their details required on the Profile
  • It is mandatory for the Principal Investigator to select the subscription plan for complete access of the application
  • URL: