My Local Access

My Local Access


The challenge is to track the exact location of tourists and their trip activity. Here tourists and tour guides can do live chatting. It also contains other roles such as admin and recruiter. The current location of tourist is shared with their family and friends. Integrating the “Stripe” for the trip payment was a tricky part along with the auto refresh functionality.


For getting the tourist’s and the guide’s location, we integrated the Google navigation geolocation (GPS) service. We also integrated the application with the Stripe API for payment gateway which mainly records the user’s card transactions and calculate fare charges with respect to different roles like admin fare, tour guide fare and recruiter fare. We also used socket programming to implement the auto refresh functionality.


My Local Access can make easy and safe tours for tourists of multiple locations all over the world. The tourists can schedule their trips and hire the tour guides to make their trip safer and happening. Admin can add, edit, activate and deactivate tour guides and recruiters of multiple locations. Tour guide gets hired by tourist and tour guide can communicate with those tourists using the message feature, a tour guide can also see their upcoming, previous and current trips.