Npm JS


  • Provide support for various types of authentication methods.
  • Easy internal sharing of private modules.
  • Better control of development and deployment workflow.
  • Better code discovery and sharing within customer’s organization.
  • npmE consists of Docker, Replicated, the npmE appliance, and the npmE installer bin.
  • Docker is used to run Replicated and the npmE appliance.
  • Replicated is npmE’s orchestration software and admin console. It consists of its own Docker images/containers and integration with the underlying operating system.
  • The npmE bin is a CLI app distributed as a public npm package.
  • npmE is written in Node.js.
  • In order to use it, you must have node and npm installed on your host.
  • npm Enterprise helps large teams share, discover, and re-use code — behind the corporate firewall — so they can build amazing things.
  • npm Enterprise is the same codebase that powers the public registry.
  • It works with the same standard npm client you already use, but provides the features needed by larger organizations who are now enthusiastically adopting Node.js.
  • You can sign-up for npmE’s free trial from here.