Access MySQL DB Remotely

Access MySQL DB Remotely



24 June 2016

You have a machine where your MySQL is running and you want 2 developers to access a Database remotely.

You can follow the steps below to set up the access permissions for those 2 developer machines.

Steps for access remote DB

  • First Server/Remote machine should give permission to the client.
  • Then developer machines would be able to access remote db using DB’s server ip and port number where the MySQL is running

Steps to give permissions to the developer machine using a command prompt

Go to mysql on DB machine> In case mysql is not in the path, you would have to go to mysql/bin directory

mysql>use mysql 
mysql>GRANT ALL ON *.* to root@ IDENTIFIED BY 'abc'; // Here the root is the MySQL username of the DB, abc is the password for this root account and is the developer machine IP address

Steps to give permission to developer machine using PHPMyAdmin

1.Go to phpmyadmin
Ex: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
2.Select privileges
3.Click on Add a new User link
4. Then proceed

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