Adjust: The analytics platform marketers trust

Adjust: The analytics platform marketers trust

20 January 2022

Adjust is the mobile marketing platform for growth-driven marketers around the world wanting to grow their app.


  • Measures:-
    • Measure all of your marketing campaigns, from paid to owned to earned, and understand the user journeys activity throughout the app.
    • Understand the entire app marketing funnel: Understand the entire user journey. From mobile attribution to robust analytics (user analytics) across mobile and non-mobile touchpoints, our tools empower marketers to make strategic marketing decisions with confidence.
    • Making every decision with the most accurate data available: Data is important for us so, our attribution technology captures the data coming from all your marketing channels, including paid, earned, owned and from organic. We accurately attribute users to the right sources of data giving you reliable insights to maximize ROI and develop your own competitive marketing strategy justlike cleverTap.
    • Robust app analytics: We (‘Adjust’) measure every marketing touchpoint and give you real-time aggregate and user’s level reporting with robust app analytics across all your KPIs including precise cohort reporting, same as the cleverTap. As cleverTap, Establish the pulse over the entire lifecycle of your app’s users, analyze your data with our visualization tool, Data Canvas, and leverage these insights to optimize towards your KPIs.
    • Undiluted access to data: ‘Adjust’ never limit, throttle, or impede your access to user’s level data. Pipe data for existing operations, so your entire company can leverage it as a source of truth. Let data fuel the marketing strategy.
    • The Adjust solution
      • Grow your application user-base and hit your KPI targets: Track every app user click, install, uninstall, movement of customer, subscription and moment of engagement inside and outside of the application. Our (‘Adjust’) powerful cohort, aggregate, and also the user-level reporting ties our critical KPIs back to engagement source. Strengthen every decision with accurate attribution datas from all the app’s user touchpoints.
      • Curtail app user churn and increase loyalty: With the indefinite campaign (may be push notification campaign) and user-level history, identify app user performance trends over the time and measure how your most successful acquisition and re-engagement push notification campaigns perform.
      • Staying ahead of competition with actionable insights: Learning quickly is the key to growth. As cleverTap, Leverage granular real-time user-level data to understand how our campaigns are performing, develop user segments and A/B test different creatives and messaging and create your own predictive models.
  • Automate:-
    • Automate our campaigns so we can quickly allocate the budgets to our top performing creatives and also for segments. Achieve unprecedented scale while using the engine to improve retention of customers (most needed) and understand return on the investment of your app’s touch points with consumers.
    • Our market leading mobile marketing automation solutions help us reach unprecedented scale with your mob marketing campaigns and maximize the impact of our marketing budget.
    • Innovating ahead of the curve:  Adjust is the only mobile platform measurement provider who offers the solutions that automatically handle the mobile marketing campaign optimization for us.
    • Reach new heights: Successful marketing can be done with experimentation and with some automation solutions, the opportunity to experiment is unlimited.
    • Accelerate and scale our app growth
      • Control Center: Supercharge the app marketing with the automation and boost our marketing KPIs and our team’s efficiency.
      • Audience Builder: Take grunt work from the audience segment and make a customized idea with a few clicks. Use audiences with any partner or create lookalike audiences to enhance our app user targeting criteria.
      • Automate Enterprise: Automate all the campaign optimization workflow to change marketing campaign’s bids and budgets based on our unique KPIs. Scale our marketing budget while increasing top-line revenue.
  • Protect:-
    • Protect our data, our budget, and our users from ad fraud. We don’t just detect ad fraud, we prevent it from ever happening.
    • Reliability and Assurance at the core
      • Fraud Prevention Suite: Scale Our user acquisition and retargeting campaigns (can be push campaigns) and also work with any network.
      • Unbotify: Protect the application community, safeguard our brand, and also promote fair play in our mobile games, web games. We find the bots, so our app users stay happy.
      • End-to-end security: We uphold the global privacy and security (protocols) regulations and build tools that specifically protect.
    • Defending our user-base and our business
      • We defend our users against the most sophisticated in-app bot threats so our app can thrive.
    • Upholding the global data privacy protection laws
      • Security and user privacy are at the heart of what we do. With Adjust, our data is protected and so are our users.

The Adjust advantage:-

  • Smart solutions for apps of all sizes
    • It has built the most robust and accurate data architecture in the industry. This allows us to offer the unparalleled solutions that can scale from day one with no hidden fees also, data throttling or the inaccuracies along the way so you can reach new heights.
  • All the tools we need in the one place
    • It always has full, undiluted access to the user-level data through our APIs. It fuels our app growth and ensures it is measuring everything you need to hit our KPIs.
  • Security and support to empower our growth
    • Everything we do at Adjust is about empowering us to achieve more. It protects our data at every stage, following the strictest regulatory policies to ensure the long term success. Our global support team is there with us every step of the way.

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