Apigee hybrid API management

Apigee hybrid API management

24 August 2020

What is Hybrid API Management?

  • It is divided into two components, Apigee hosted management plane and a Customer managed plane.
  • Management plane: It runs on GCP. Administrator can be used to monitor deployment status.
  • Runtime plane: It is maintained in your own Kubernetes cluster and managed by the customers. As the API traffic passes and stays in the customer networks.

Why Hybrid API Management? 

It is the best approach that combines the best features for on-premises and on-Cloud.

  • Customizable: The customers can set their own  VPNs, static IPs, etc.
  • Security: It passes the API data only through the customer API network.
  • Latency: Deploying the gateways near to their workload which will reduce the network latency and all the API traffic will be looped through the customer network.
  • Cost: It will reduce the cost and requirements as each team will have its own complete API management.

What is Apigee Edge?

Apigee Edge is a platform for developing and managing APIs By fronting services with a proxy layer, A full life cycle API management platform for businesses of every size.

It provides an abstraction or facade for your backend service APIs and provides

  • Security
  • Rate limiting
  • Quotas
  • Analytics, and more.


  • It lets you manage APIs by running it on-premises on GCP.
  • It helps you to manage all the internal APIs and external APIs with the help of GCP.
  • It balances your multi-cloud Strategy.
  • Leveraging the security infrastructure.



An API proxy is an interface for developers that want to use the  backend services. Instead of having them consume those services directly, they access an Edge API proxy that you create.



Is an interface that makes it easy for one application to consume capabilities or data from another application. It is a well-defined interface that abstracts away needless details and then they document that interface. That’s an API.


Current undertakings will, in general, receive progressively lithe improvement models to increase quick, consistent and hearty arrangements with the goal that they can offer great assistance to their clients and accomplices. Using a hybrid way to deal with API Management executives, the customers can have points of interest for example.

  • Reduced network latency
  • Increased agility
  • Significant control
  • Reduced Cost for ownership.

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