Why we should use React over Angular?

Why we should use React over Angular?



27 March 2019

Many of the developers agree with the fact that both React and Angular are best open-source technologies for front-end development. As Angular landed in the market much before React, it comes as one of the widely used web development technologies for building web applications.

One of the favors for angular was support and trustworthiness of Google. But Angular has its own complexities and problems that may irritate the developers in many ways. Here you will get the difference between angular and react.

In React vs Angular, When the React came into the picture, It completely drifts the paradigm of the web development to a greater extent. Now it’s time for the developer to shift to React from Angular, As React is better than Angular in terms of efficiency, lightweight components, view library, speed, simple API.

Limitations of Angular:

  • When Angular came into the picture with its MVC (Model View Controller), a lot of people simply went away with its two-way data binding logic, reusable directive, dependency injections, etc.


  • Suppose we have more views and models as the real app consists, then there will be the detonation of command flows, and it is difficult to tell for an infinite loop that may cause a cascading effect.Cascading-effect
  • Also, two-way data binding can justify being beneficial but if we see it in a larger context, then it only makes our app more complex affecting its performance.
  • It was also mandatory for the developers to have insight on the MVC (Model View Controller) architectural patterns, that the cause for more time consumption.
  • There are more than 2000 watchers that can desperately slow down the UI.

What is React?:

  • The great pace is acquired by the world of front-end development and new technologies are evolving every day with a community to support each.
  • Documentation of React state that it is the V in MVC. A library is provided by Facebook called “flux” which helps the flux way of playing with React.
  • The flow of the data is unidirectional in flux. When an action is called, the dispatchers updates the store and when the store is updated, the view gets re-rendered. If the new action is called, then the dispatcher will not proceed until the store is updated from the previous effect. Which state that as long as the stores are defined correctly, all many to many relations between stores and views are automatically handled, because of this the two-way data binding could be done away with this.

Reason for React over Angular:

  • Efficient and Quick:
    It’s a fact that React is a library rather than a framework. That is the reason you do not have to touch the DOM (Document Object Model) directly but instead go for the Virtual DOM. This is responsible for the fast speed of development. One considerable point about React is, If you are rendering the application again and again, the React will update the virtual DOM that means it will only update the required part of actual DOM.
  • Suits Well with UI based Component:
    React is well fitted into the box of component-based User Interface. Modularization of the application, separating the component for each purpose is possible because of React. So it is easy to test each component separately. React focuses on developing the component by offering different problem-solving tools.
  • The Advantage of JSX:
    With React you get the additional advantages of using JSX, which is its own syntax for developing the components which allow the developers to blend the elements of both HTML and Javascript together.
  • The benefit of Single Data Binding:
    In Angular, there is the provision of two-way data binding and that is why react outstands it in this aspect. React have an architecture called flux that makes this one way data flow in Javascript application possible. What’s more important is, It can be integrated with other frameworks easily well.
  • A wide range of Community Support:
    There is a day to day increase in the number of community members of React all over the globe, This is the major reason for a developer for being a shift to React. By each day that passes, new people are being part of the community. That’s the reason to React to being in the list of popular web technology. Because of this growing community, new developers are getting learning stuff from other experienced campaigners in the group and can also take help if they get stuck somewhere.


For those buddies who are well familiar with Angular and are experienced in its framework, they will find some problem in switching over to React mainly because of the single-way data binding. However, It would probably be fine and easier than angular if you go for using it and practicing the techniques. HAPPY CODING!!

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