Fusion of AI and Cloud Computing

Fusion of AI and Cloud Computing



10 July 2019

Before diving into the topic of AI and Cloud Computing, let’s have a brief overview of what they are actually in today’s corporate world.

Overview of Cloud and AI 

As Cloud Computing is growing rapidly one must think and understand how it will rise with the time. The reason why it is becoming popular today is because of the flexibility it offers like Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) what actually it is going to provide us is the automation which will definitely erase the possibility of human errors. The whole things are going to be control by machines which will have the capabilities to think, learn and act like human beings.

The reason why AI is in more demand and present everywhere because of cloud, data and Intelligence/Algorithm. It transforms products, engages customers and optimizes operations.

Fusion of AI and Cloud Computing


Now, the way we interact with the world has completely changed because of AI and Cloud Computing. The question arises how both Cloud Computing and AI are going to improve each other. The Cloud Computing can help AIs to provide the information which they need to learn while the AI will provide such information which gives more data to the cloud.

The idea behind combining AI, machine learning and data storage is that both humans and AI can analyze and gather data. This could result in a new innovation which transforms the way how we look at both AI and Cloud.

From the last few years, a large amount of investment is done on the capabilities of AI and Cloud platform. In fact, many PaaS solution has also started integrating AI abilities. After analyzing the present day scenario of Cloud-AI technology, we can classify it into two major groups.

  • Cloud machine Learning
  • AI Cloud Services

Example of AI and Cloud Computing

Google cloud machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The objective of Machine Learning is to make such computers which learn from the data that you have given to them.

Instead of providing the code to the computer to take any action, your code provides an algorithm that is based on examples of intended behavior. The program which we will get consists of the algorithm and associated learned parameters. This is called a trained model.

IBM’s Watson is used to solve some of the biggest problems related to patient and using data-driven insights to recommend treatment options.

Let’s have an example of healthcare professionals who have to take an instant decision and they have only a few seconds and minutes with them. Trauma Surgeons, they monitor a large number of different factors in a patient to determine which actions to take. These factors are complex so AI can track, integrate and highlight the relevant changes in a patient in real time. This allows surgeons to respond faster to save lives. Definitely, doctors can do their job much better if AI gives them the information they need in order to make these decisions.

Benefits of Leveraging AI and Cloud Computing

  1. Quick and Smarter Decision: AI learns from historical data and makes recommendations. This process of automation completely eliminates the chances of human error during data analysis. With the help of this, both combination organization quickly receive data and can generate a recommended solution for customers. When AI works within a cloud environment, there is more benefit.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: As the cloud application is accessible with the internet the expenditure on the hardware and software purchase and setup is eliminated. It also removes the need for data centers and the expenses with it.
  3. Reliability: Cloud computing solutions ensure continuity in business, faster and easier recovery of data. As with physical infrastructures, the risk of damage increases. There is a risk of a crash, lost files, backup failure and so much more.

Moral of the story is that we will definitely get a large network which is capable of storing unimaginable amounts of data but with a capacity to learn and improve if these two AI and cloud combine together. Many firms believe that the fusion of cloud computing services and AI technology will bring a relevant change in the tech industry.

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