Generation that accepts Technology with open hands – Millennials

Generation that accepts Technology with open hands – Millennials



11 March 2020

Millennial – The word that has caught the attention of every marketer, student, business, entrepreneur, social media platform and almost everything under the sun. Whatever we see around today is mostly directed towards the millennials. So who are these people and what makes them so important?

Millennials are the people roughly between 18 to 34 years of age. They are the firsts of many things. The first generation to accept technology with open arms, the first generation to rebel against the norms, the first generation to show an inclination towards “newness”, and of course the first generation to create the bandwagon of the start-up culture.

What makes them so special is their acceptance of things, values and concepts. Even though most people find them complex to understand, the truth is that it is not the case. They are in fact the simplest of creatures wanting nothing more but “change”.

No matter how cliché it may sound, the only thing that is constant is change, and the millennials live by this! They have this constant need for “new” or “change”. They might be using a phone for 6 months and the moment the market introduces a new improved version of the same phone, they cannot wait to hold that baby in their hands!

This has kept every company on their toes. Millennials strive for new, innovated products and believe that ‘upgrades’ are the norm. To match their expectations, companies keep innovating and try to revolutionise their offerings. They are extremely demanding and equally vocal when it comes to expressing their needs.

With their unmatched and boundless love for social media, the millennials are always updated and ready to update as well. For instance, the moment they use a product or a service and are pleased with the performance, they will write great reviews and recommend the product to everyone. You would be surprised to know #ShotOniPhone has about 8.7 million tags! The need to showcase their creative prowess with the best-in-business technology has resulted in this 8 M community.

Millennials being vocal does not end with positive reviews. The products/service that disappoints them or does not match their expectation garners wrath almost immediately. Companies should be receptive of these suggestions and improve their offering to fulfil the demand.

One classic example of brands using ‘millennialism’ is Starbucks. They combined everything that a millennial loves and formed a campaign. The marketing team at Starbucks observed that people doodle on their Starbucks’ cup. They invited people to post their creations on social media platforms. It became a huge success and built a community of Starbucks loyalists. To celebrate this ‘oneness’, Starbucks released their Christmas special cups with the designs submitted by their customers!

This is the power that millennials hold. They made a brand change the way their cups looked with simple doodle posts. Their demanding nature, love for innovation, and acceptance of things has made them the most crucial part of any business.

Millennialism has led to an increase in consciousness within organisation. The millennial world looks forward to constant innovation and considers technological advancements as the norm. For any organisation to sustain and thrive, they should have innovation at the heart of their business strategy.

After all, it is not the age of people who would stick to a particular brand or product because “chalta aa raha hai” but more of “kuch naya try karte hai”.

Keep looking for the “naya” and keep innovating.

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