How to send bulk messages using Twilio in Node.js?

How to send bulk messages using Twilio in Node.js?



23 April 2020


We know how to send a single message by using Twilio integration. But in case if you want to send multiple messages (having the same message body) using Twilio, you can use Twilio send message method inside the for loop. It may be suitable for sending messages less than hundreds but imagine If you want to send more than hundreds or thousands messages at a time then iterating loop and sending twilio request per message requires a lot of time to finish the message sending process. Why should we not send bulk messages directly in just one request without iterating loop?

Twilio Notify service can help us, makes bulk message sending process faster and saves loop iteration.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, you need to have a Twilio account. Create a Twilio account using the following link.
  • Login with credentials.
  • Copy ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN present on the dashboard.twilio-1
  • We need to use Twilio notify service here. Go to the link and create a new notification service.
  • Add service name and click create.
  • Open created service and click “Create a Messaging Service here”twilio-2
  • Add a friendly name and set a use case as Notifications, 2-way.twilio-3
  • Bind existing Twilio numbers to the messaging service.
  • After that configure Twilio to notify using the messaging service created. Simply attach a created messaging service.twilio-4
  • Copy Notify Service SID and Messaging Service SID created in the above steps.
  • Open your Node.js code and install the Twilio npm module.
    ~$ npm i twilio
  • Save Twilio configuration details into the project environment file.
  • Create Twilio client and service using the following code.twilio-6
  • Create a receiver number array and message body and map numbers into the Notify binding format. For this create an object like {“binding_type”:”sms”, “address”: NUMBER}twilio-7
  • Finally, create a send text message method in helper service and import this method in your API while sending bulk messages. Pass bindings array, message body to the method.twilio-8

Now you can successfully send bulk messages using Twilio Notify Service in Node.js

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