Importance of Cloud computing in Agriculture sector

Importance of Cloud computing in Agriculture sector

30 August 2021

We are witnessing a steady trend in the loss of agricultural land along with biodiversity worldwide. Adding to this, extreme weather conditions induced by climate change and an increase in the world population struggling for scarce resources is turning into reality.

We may be able to alter or even reverse this trend using technology. Cloud computing technology may prove to be a solution in many aspects.


We are experiencing that the working force in the agriculture sector is declining and steadily various machines are taking place for the heavy work.

So where do we require cloud in the Agri sector?

  • Soil Information
  • Region-wise farmer data
  • Expert  agri-Consultation
  • Early whether report

The main goals of introducing digital technologies into agricultural production are to increase labor productivity, increase the quantity and quality of products. The introduction of digital technologies will make it possible to manage the quality of agricultural products.

An overall idea to represent this:


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