Important Tips for App Store Optimization

Important Tips for App Store Optimization

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CJ Rooney | Hipcraft

07 September 2018

Important Tips for App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the practice of enhancing the appearance of an app on app stores’ search results. Rankings of an app improve when it is visible among featured app store snippets. Like in SEO, ASO experts have to take deliberate steps to ensure that the app they market attract the relevant clientele. The goal is to improve traffic and eventually increase downloads of their apps.The following tips can be taken by ASO experts to improve an app’s visibility, ranking, and purchase.

Optimize the Name/Title of the App

The title is one of the most important features of an app. After an icon, the first thing a user will see is the app title. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the app’s title.

Spend enough time to research the most suitable title for your app. Make the most appropriate choices.

To optimize your title, choose names that best describe what your app does or offers. They should be precise and easy to spell. Customers use short descriptive words and keywords to search app stores. Ensure to add these features on your title to increase visibility on searches. Include at least one keyword that best describes your app in your title.

Use the Most Appropriate and Relevant Keywords

Like in SEO, keywords for app optimization is very important. They boost the chance of being found among the top results on searches.

App Stores allow users to search for apps by use of keywords. Keywords are included in the titles, description and on any advert that relates to the app.

To optimize your keywords, research extensively on the keywords that are used within your niche. Look up words that are common among your competitors or words that are mainly used by customers to search for similar apps. You can use keyword estimator tools to find these popular keywords.

Then, list the keywords that describe your app best. After creating a list, rank your keywords from the most important to the least important. Choose keywords that have the highest searches but low competition to increase the visibility of your app.

Update your keyword list regularly. Each time you make an app update make sure to update your keywords.

Write a Proper Description

Keywords give you good ranking on the app store but a good description will ensure that you have downloaded.

An App Description is a listing requirement that explains the functionality of an app. A proper description is important for ASO.

Write a description of your app that targets to answer the customer needs. Describe what the app does in simple and clear language. Highlight the unique benefit of the app that will persuade the user to download it.

Focus on creating good content in your description. Make the first sentences compelling and interesting to read. This way you will be able to attract the attention of app users.

Every time you update your app, update its description also. As you improve on meeting the need of your customers, improve on your description to include the changes and to attract new customers.

Request Customer Ratings and Reviews

When you have established a list of regular customers, request them to rate your app. Ask for the rating within the app as soon as the customer finishes using it. Do not ask for ratings at the onset of the app use or from new customers.

Do not force customers to give ratings. If they do not wish to rate the app, give them an option of not rating it. You can create a reward system to encourage customers to rate your app.

Ratings are very important as they inform how you should improve or update your app to meet the needs of your customers.

Apps that have good ratings rank high in app store searches.

Perform Regular App Updates

Apps that are regularly updated tend to rank high in app stores. Use user feedback to improve your app, and in turn, get an improved ranking.

Regular updates also tend to win user approval and get better ratings and reviews.

Updating your app regularly improves the relevance to your products. As users’ needs change or increase it is important to adopt better ways to diversify your app’s service provision. Regular updates also ensure you keep up with your competitor and gain leverage.

Optimization of apps on search is a continuous process that seeks to ensure the success of an app in the market. It is important for an app store optimization expert to adopt winning strategies to optimize their apps in the app store search. ASO improves the app’s ranking and eventually increases sales.

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