Introduction to Airtable

Introduction to Airtable

09 November 2021

Airtable is a flexible and friendly way for us to collaborate on tasks, projects, ideas and more. It’s like a spreadsheet, but much smarter. Airtable is a hybrid of spreadsheet and database. We can create our own database to store all our data in the form of spreadsheets.

Airtable bases give us the power of a database with all the familiarity of a spreadsheet. We can customize how we can present our information, and reflect our team’s processes, goals, and roles with views using Airtable. We can use Airtable forms to speed up data collection. We can organize our info with tables, records, and fields.

This is how Airtable looks:

Introduction to Airtable

Benefits of using Airtable

  • We can arrange our data in the form of tables, records, and fields which gives our base the structure to save our data.
  • Tables
    • Organize the information in our base.
    • They contain items of the same type, like people, ideas, or projects.
  • Records
    • Records are individual items in your table.
    • They can represent tasks, or whatever is most important to our team
  • Fields
    • Fields helps us to track the info that’s important for each record like date and priority.

Airtable is basically a smart way to store and organize our data which saves our time!

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