SQL Capabilities in BigQuery

SQL Capabilities in BigQuery

21 December 2020

Understanding about SQL and BigQuery


It is a standard programming language that is used for Query operations for different tasks . It is used with Database management that allows OLTP  (online transaction processing) workloads so you can build SQL skills using BigQuery. Some database management systems used by SQL, Like: Microsoft Sql server, Sybase, Ingres etc.


It is based on Google Cloud Platform that integrates with other GCP services and tools. It is a fully-managed service where you do not required to deploy any resources Like: virtual machines and disks. It allows the execution of complex analytical SQL based queries under a huge data set. It is used to process the stored data in GCP products.

Using of SQL in BigQuery:

Sql statements are used for updating the data and retrieving the data from the database. You can access BigQuery directly from different areas using SQL

  • Google BigTable
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sheets

Some SQL standard commands are used for data operations in BigQuery:

  • SELECT:  It is used to select the data from the database.

    SELECT columnA, columnB, columnC,............
    FROM table_name;

    Here columnA, columnB, columnC are field names of the table that you want to select the data. If you want to select all data then use this syntax.

    SELECT * FROM table_name;
  • INSERT: It is used to insert the new records in the table.

    INSERT INTO table_name (columnA, columnB, columnC, ...)
    VALUES (value1, value2, value3, ...);

    Here before inserting the value in the table make sure that values are in the same order.

  • UPDATE: It is used to modify the existing values from the table.

    UPDATE table_name
    SET columnA = value1, columnB = value2, ...
    WHERE condition;

    WHERE clause is based on condition statement. When you need to update the record, put the WHERE clause as per your data requirement. Otherwise, it will update all existing records.

  • DELETE: This is used to delete the existing records from the table.

    DELETE FROM table_name WHERE condition;

    When you need to delete the record, put the WHERE clause as per your data requirement. Otherwise, it will delete all existing records.

BigQuery Interface


BigQuery Interface is a platform for managing the dataset and helping the users to complete the SQL operations as per requirement. Query job also explores the timeline of execution. A query can complete the multiple stages tasks simultaneously with active workers, where the timeline shows the overall progress of the Query. Query stage provides stage timing classifications. This stage represents the performance of all active workers.  It tracks the different activities. Like: Accounting the units if task completion, Active status with Query Workers, Pending state Jobs, etc.

BigQuery Benefits with SQL

  • Analyze petabytes of data using ANSI SQL for fast speeds with zero overload
  • It helps to track real-time data and predictive analysis.
  • Securely access and share analytical progress with your Organization
  • Reliability controls with 99.9% high availability
  • It is serverless with multi-cloud capabilities
  • It reduces the need for code rewrites.
  • It provides ODBC and JDBC drivers at no cost in your current applications.

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