Stripe Payment In ASP.NET MVC

Stripe Payment In ASP.NET MVC



27 January 2020


Stripe allows individuals and businesses to receive payments over the Internet.

Here is the steps to easily integrate Stripe Payment Gateway in ASP.NET MVC Application.

Step 1

First, Register on stripe website with that link

Step 2

Take “key” from

Step 3

Install Stripe library in your Project using Nu-Get Package Manager.

Step 4

Use Stripe.Infrastructure namespace in the Class where you want to implement the payment gateway.

Step 5

Set API key with below function,


Step 6

First, create an object of credit card to generate token in the project where you added stripe reference. While creating customer object we need this token.

Stripe.CreditCardOptions card = new Stripe.CreditCardOptions();

card.Name = params.CardOwnerFirstName + " " + params.CardOwnerLastName;  

card.Number = params.CardNumber;  

card.ExpYear = params.ExpirationYear;  

card.ExpMonth = params.ExpirationMonth;  

card.Cvc = params.CVV2;  

// set card to token object and create token  

Stripe.TokenCreateOptions tokenCreateOption = new Stripe.TokenCreateOptions();  

tokenCreateOption .Card = card;  

Stripe.TokenService tokenService = new Stripe.TokenService();  

Stripe.Token token= tokenService .Create(tokenCreateOption);

Step 7

Set tokenID to the customer object

//create customer object then register customer on Stripe  

Stripe.CustomerCreateOptions customer = new Stripe.CustomerCreateOptions();  

customer.Email = params.Buyer_Email;  

customer.SourceToken = token.ID;  

var custService = new Stripe.CustomerService();  

Stripe.Customer stpCustomer = custService.Create(customer);

Step 8

Create Credit card Charge Object. This object is will do the payment.

//create credit card charge object with details of charge  

var options = new Stripe.ChargeCreateOptions {  

    Amount = Convert.ToInt32(params.Amount),  

        Currency = params.CurrencyId == 1 ? "ILS" : "USD",  

        ReceiptEmail = params.Buyer_Email,  

        CustomerId = stripeCustomer.Id,  

        Description = Convert.ToString(params.TransactionId), //Optional  


//and Create Method of this object is doing the payment execution.  

var service = new Stripe.ChargeService();  

Stripe.Charge charge = service.Create(options); // This will do the Payment

Step 9

Charge.Status will return the status.

Step 10

Now you can check Created Customer from

And Payment using this link –

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