Threads in Roku Application

Threads in Roku Application

12 November 2021

In Roku Scenegraph, the thread is the sequential process which does some particular tasks. Roku scenegraph supports multiple threading also for doing multiple operations or tasks.

Roku scenegraph supports 2 types of threads for multi-threading such as:

  1. Main thread
  2. Scenegraph render thread

Main Thread:

  1. The main thread is also known as the brightscript main thread which always runs on the Roku application whenever the app is launched.
  2. This thread is run by the main.brs file of the Roku app on launch.

Scenegraph Render Thread:

  1. Render thread is the thread that performs all the renderable operations such as processing images and visuals.
  2. You cannot process those operations in this thread that blocks the processes. After blocking the operations by this thread app can be terminated after 10 seconds of blockage.

You can also create threads using a task node for performing multiple complex tasks without affecting the main thread processes.

Task Node:

  1. You can create different threads which perform multiple tasks without blocking the ongoing processes and with the help of this node complex tasks or operations will be done in the Roku application.
  2. Task node plays a very important role in implementing the restful API’s and asynchronous operations.

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