What is Cross-browser Testing?

What is Cross-browser Testing?



03 July 2020

Cross Browser Testing is ensuring the compatibility of the application with different web browsers and also checks whether the application is working as expected with the web browsers. So just testing your web application on a single web browser is not enough. We need to make sure that our web application works fine across multiple browsers. Cross Browser Testing is a process to test web applications across multiple browsers. Cross browser testing involves checking compatibility of your application across multiple web browsers and ensures that your web application works correctly across different web browsers. Cross Browser testing involves testing both the behavior of your Web application when it is accessed using different Web Browsers. They are:

  1. Client side Cross Browser Testing
  2. Server side Cross Browser Testing


Importance of Cross-browser Testing

Cross-browser testing is a key feature. This process was once used only by the most complex projects and has now become mainstream. The upraise of responsive web design in all browsers has become incredibly hard. When it comes to testing, web developers were once only required to test how a website looks and performs on desktop computers like Mac, PC). Now-a-days, more and more customers are shopping and finding services, so it’s important to ensure that a website is working perfectly on those devices, too. But with so many different mobile devices (Androids, iPhones, Windows Phones, iPads, etc.) and tablet browsers on the market, it’s nearly impossible to test. You’d have to spend thousands of dollars to buy all the devices. Therefore it needs a good cross-browser testing service to do that.

Cross-browser compatibility issues are caused by errors within the website code. This means major browsers like Google Chrome reads and displays your website differently than Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. You must fix compatibility issues or risk not being able to reach potential customers.

Cross browsing testing is an important part to compare the functionality and UI designs across multiple browsers and multiple devices.

Types of Cross Browser Testing

  1.  Manual Testing
    Manual testing is the process of testing web apps manually without any help from the tools or scripts.
  2. Automated Testing
    Automated testing uses an efficient automation tool to build test scripts and validate the application.

Browser shot and Selenium are some of the examples for Cross Browser Testing.

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