Bubble Shooter


  • The main challenge was to clear the playing field by forming groups of three or more like-colored marbles before the balls reach the bottom line of the screen.
  • To design the game board having multiple bubbles, the bubble shooter and a direction arrow to control directions on the game board.
  • To implement multiple poster and animation nodes at run time for setting the bubbles and handling the animation.
  • The score has to be calculated by the number of bubbles forming the groups before the bubbles reach the bottom line.
  • First, we designed the game board using the scene graph’s different renderable nodes. Then we handled the direction arrow control on the game board.
  • Implemented logic in brightscript for creating multiple posters and animation nodes to set new bubbles on the game board.
  • Implemented logic in BrightScript for checking the groups formation and calculate the number of bubbles in the groups.
  • Successfully designed the game board having multiple bubbles, bubble shooter and direction arrow. Handled the arrow control to shoot the bubble on the game board.
  • Completed the smooth animation for moving multiple bubbles on the game board at the run time using multiple poster and animation nodes.
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