Falling Down


  • Whenever it comes to design, designing has always been an important parameter for game development. Designing the game board with bars and ball for different difficulty modes using the scene graph’s different renderable nodes was a tedious task to achieve, as it was quite difficult to handle the renderable nodes.
  • Another most complex job was to set the animation of the moving bars with the variable speed depending on the ball movement and set them in their respective coordinates.
  • We designed a selection screen to choose easy and hard modes of the game and a game board having ball and bars variable difficulties, using the scene graph’s different renderable nodes.
  • We used different scene graph animation nodes to set the animation to move the bars and balls and developed the logic to move the ball in the left/right direction, using the BrightScript.
  • Implemented logic in BrightScript for calculating the score based on bars crossed by a ball on the game board and displayed the best score.
  • Completed the bars animation along with a moving ball without touching the top of the board. There are ten different shapes with diverse complexities in both modes and had to cross maximum bars to beat the best score.
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