Snakes Free


  • Designing has always been an important parameter for game development. Designing the game board with snakes and balls using the scene graph’s different renderable nodes was a tiresome task to achieve as it was quite difficult to handle the renderable nodes.
  • Another most complex job was to set the animation of moving snakes on different key presses and set them in their respective coordinates.
  • We designed the game board having the snakes, opponents, balls and bombs using the scene graph’s different renderable nodes.
  • We used different scene graph animation nodes to set the animation of moving the snake in any direction and collecting balls using the BrightScript on left/right/up/down button press.
  • Implemented logic in BrightScript to calculate the score based on number of balls collected without touching bombs and opponents on the gameboard.
  • Completed the gameboard animation of moving snakes and collecting points on the board. Player has to survive maximum time by collecting balls to beat his best score.
  • Snakes lovers finally found their most popular game at the Roku Channel Store.
  • Ready to go –