T-rumps World


  • Designing has always been an important parameter of game development. Designing the game board with moving players and multiple obstacles for different levels using the scene graph’s different renderable nodes was a tiresome task to achieve as it was quite difficult to handle the renderable nodes.
  • Another most complex job was to set the animation of the moving player with the variable speed, jumping the player over obstacles and set them in their respective coordinates.
  • We designed a home screen along with the game board having the player, enemies, pipes, coins, obstacles and winning flag using the scene graph’s different renderable nodes.
  • We used different scene graph animation nodes to set the animation of moving the player in any direction and jumping over objects using the BrightScript on left/right/up/down/ok button press.
  • Implemented logic in BrightScript to calculate the score based on the collected number of coins in each level and stored the best score.
  • Completed the gameboard animation along with moving player and collecting points of the board. There are five different levels with diverse complexities to reach the final flag in the end.
  • T-rumps World lovers finally found their most popular game at the Roku Channel Store.
  • Ready to go – https://channelstore.roku.com/details/294293/t-rumps-world