5 Powerful Strategies to Finding an Outstanding Brand Name for Your Logo

5 Powerful Strategies to Finding an Outstanding Brand Name for Your Logo

14 March 2022

A business without a kicker of a brand name can struggle to survive. You want something that speaks to your client base, communicates the essence of who you are and what you do and isn’t easily overlooked.

Did you know that on average it takes about five to seven brand impressions before your brand is remembered? What will you do to make your brand unforgettable? Read on to see how these five powerful strategies can help you to choose a brand name for your logo that stands out from the rest.

1. Brainstorm your Business

What’s in a brand? This is what identifies your company, product or service, and includes your design, name or symbol. Get creative when it’s time to pick yours. Think of as many adjectives associated with your product or service as you can. Add descriptive words related to how you’d like your customers to feel when they use your product or service. Write down words that are simple, easy to say, spell and search for online.

As another guide, consider these questions when coming up with your name. Can you:

  • use an abbreviation or initials?
  • describe what you do or make?
  • make up a name or word?
  • base it on a real or fictitious person?
  • put two words together or use a real word with unusual spelling?
  • incorporate mythology or imagery (think animals, people, places)

If you’re stuck in finding the perfect brand name, perhaps you need some online inspiration.

2. Opt for Originality

Look at your competitors. What are their brand names? Do you see any similarities? Now, think of how yours can be vastly different. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you want something that’s punchy and meaningful that will reflect your vision, mission and values.

If you’ve just come up with a genius idea, better to check it doesn’t already exist. Search for app, company and domain names to be sure your brand name is fresh and new.

If your ideal name has already been snatched up by someone else, all you need is a few alternative suggestions to slightly sway your thinking. Looking at other words or concepts related to your idea can push you in the right direction. You’re looking for something that you can personally trademark and legally own, so that no one else can take it from you!

3. Link the Logo to the Brand Name 

Your brand name and logo are two peas in a pod. A strongly branded business needs an easily recognizable logo. If you own a boutique or apparel business for example, will customers be able to remember your product by brand name or by simply seeing your apparel logo on a billboard design?

Without any text, see how you can implant a visual memory in your clients’ minds. If pictures indeed speak louder than words, what icons, symbols or visual imagery can help your brand be remembered as an object instead of a written word? A boutique for women’s wear for example can do well with a lady wearing a dress logo, or patisserie shop would do well with a symbol fit for bakery logo design.

If your creative juices are running low, use free logo makers using the alphabet, symbols and text to help you find your desired brand image in a unique way.

4. Carefully Select your Color

Brand recognition can be increased by up to 80% simply based on color. What emotion do you want to invoke in your customers? Consider color associations: green for growth, red for danger, purple for loyalty—you get the idea.

How can you visually communicate the message of your company through your design? The color you pick has to stick in their minds.

Along with a memorable color, the brand needs to be able to grow along with the company. You want it to be relevant not only now, but in the future.

Also, your brand is used on your business cards, email signature, flyers, social media and website. It should be available in different adaptations for these varying platforms.

5. Test it Out

Still struggling to pick your name? Shortlist your favorite three and literally try them out over a timed period and see what responses you get.

People react to something they connect with, so make three samples of logos, website homepages or social media advertisements. Use them for a few days and see what draws in your clients. By changing nothing other than the brand name or logo, your content stays the same but you’ll soon see what ultimately matches the message you want to convey and does it in a powerful way.

In the end, if it’s a tough decision between strong contenders, put it up to a team vote.

Finally if you need some help with constructing your brand, don’t hesitate to contact a brand designer for a creation that’s true to you and connects you with your audience. More than just liking it, you’ll want your brand to rise above all others in its field, and know that, like your product, it will stay and endure the test of time.

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Betty Shane works as a professional blogger for multiple websites. Her work as a freelance content writers allows her to explore diverse topics including but not limited to digital marketing, business and design.

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