How technology has made individuals smarter

How technology has made individuals smarter

28 March 2022

Technology itself is the most significant manmade evolution of all time. Working together, we moved from less accuracy to more accuracy. Technology gave economically inclined individuals a reason to think outside of the box to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. Over time, people began to do less work and still achieve the same output or a more significant result within a shorter period.


Since technology requires a high level of smartness to evolve to what it is today, it also requires an excellent technical ability to achieve results. There are many ways individuals can use technology to work better, faster and wiser.

Remote Project Management

When the coronavirus pandemic suddenly attacked, business owners and managers had to look for ways to keep their business running without physical contact. Technology provided online collaboration to facilitate project management, as team members could still do their work without sitting together in a place. (10 ways technology can make you more productive, n.d). Now, project managers can schedule and work on tasks from the comfort of their home, using a computer and an internet connection. Technology has made workers more productive, especially with remote jobs, as individuals think outside the box.


Easy Communication


Before now, individuals had to walk miles to communicate with people not in their vicinity. But, technology has made it easy to reach people in various countries and continents without moving a muscle. With a strong internet connection, a phone, or a computer, you can work with multiple individuals across the world. (Turner, 2021). Easy communication has helped with emergency projects, as a manager could page an online freelancer from another country who is willing to work immediately.

Effortless Organization


Technology has made organization effortless, as individuals can automatically schedule tasks alongside reminders, send bulk emails, and save documents without having piles of papers around. (Bari, 2020). A computer operator can create a list of assignments and the time she needs to achieve them. She attains focus and efficiency working within the time she allocated to each job with the list. Sometimes, slight pressure and working with a time limit make you think outside the box, click here to get pure cbd concentrate to learn more.

A secretary can set appointments and differentiate documents within the same space using technology. A factory worker can function faster using a filler machine rather than filling the bottles with his hands. Freelancers also get more jobs and flexible hours, working from the comfort of their homes.


Technology creates new thinking methods and has done great in global sectors like agriculture, health, food, business, power, energy, and construction. Although technology has its adverse effects, it has helped individuals be more productive and efficient.

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