Quill Text-Editor Implementation in ASP.NET

Quill Text-Editor Implementation in ASP.NET

18 March 2021

What is Quill?

  • Quill is a free, open-source modern rich text editor built for the modern web application. With its descriptive API and modular configuration, it is completely customizable to fit any need.
  • It was known for its compatibility and extensibility. It was created by Jason Chen and Byron Milligan and maintained by Slab in some sort of time-interval.

Key Features

  • Quill allows us to customize the options used for the text editor according to our needs.
  • Quill is known for its flexibility and extensibility.

How to implement Quill?


Include Quill.js and Quill.snow.css to an HTML:



Add a “div” tag with the “id” attribute and assign some name to it and include it inside a “body” tag with some static height. This is the place where our rich text-editor is going to display on the user interface.

Quill_Text-Editor_Implementation_in_ASP_NET_02 Step3:

Now add a script section in the style tag and here create a new object of the quill and then add the id of the div in which we defined our editor to display



Here is the view of the implemented quill editor


Various API used in Quill-Implementation

  • Content
  • Formatting
  • Selection
  • Editor
  • Events
  • Model
  • Extension

Followings are the function comes under each API group for the various purpose:


Customization of the editor

Create a toolbar with font-size, font color, and background color:


Modules in Quill

  • Toolbar
  • Keyboard
  • History
  • Clipboard
  • Syntax

Modules make quill’s behavior and functionality customized. There are various officially supported modules available to use while implementing it.


Themes in Quill

  • It allows us to make our editor look attractive and interactive as well with minimal effort in no time
  • There are two types of officially supported themes available in quill:
    • Snow: It’s a clean flat toolbar theme
    • Bubble: It’s a simple tooltip based theme


In this article, we got to know about the various new things like API, modules, themes supported by the quill.js. It also provides a good overview of the customization of the quill editor by modifying the content of the module according to our needs.

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