Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

27 January 2022

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing traffic on your website, blog, or any other internet platform. It helps in fascinating more footfalls in a nominal budget. SEO targets traffic that is not paid, aka as “natural” or “organic” results, rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. For example, the internet is like a hay-stock, and browsers are in search of a needle in that hay stock, now the thing is there are millions of other needles that are ready to be found, SEO’s job is to lure the browser to find your needle. In layman terms, SEO helps your website to be found by browsers from hundreds of other websites.

SEO produces its results on how search engines operate, the SEO reads algorithms that dictate search engine behavior, what people search, what they watch, read, keywords typed into search engines, keywords type on social platforms, and search engines that are preferred by their targeted audience. These clicks then usually transform into valuable customers. For example, if someone searches for the best pizza in town, now search engines provide results that have more common keywords within. SEO helps the website to be shown on top in search engine results.

Types of SEO

1. Brand SEO

Brand SEO can help to build the brand of your product. Brand SEO helps your company in increasing its trust base in the market, it helps in finding investors by putting your brand on top search engine ranking. Brands SEO makes sure your product or web page has enough ingredients to help it gain the necessary result. Brand SEO works better if site navigation is easy, designing should fascinate your audience, be easily accessible, focus on keywords.

Benefits of Brand SEO:

  • Brand SEO helps your company gaining the trust it needs.
  • If you want to build brand credibility, brand SEO is the best option for building your brand.
  • Long-term marketing strategy. Establish your company as a brand.
  • Brand SEO can improve your click skip rate, suppose your page emerges on the fourth number of search engine results and people skip above three results and click on your product, how is possible it? The answer is by brand SEO.
  • Brand SEO can build a reputation. Once a status is set, you need to maintain it. By Brand SEO, you can improve your reputation and secure it to be on the top of search engine results.

2. Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way of advertising on the internet. Basically, it is used for local or a particular area. If your company is providing services in some particular location or a specific city, you must invest in Local SEO. Local SEO allows us to generate local traffic to your website, mostly browsers who need place-wise assistance or services, search near me’ or ‘in my location’ while they are browsing, or if the search engine knows their location result emerges are local wise.

For example, if you are a plumbing service provider or a restaurant owner in some specific city, let say a browser in your city search “how to fix a leaking tap,” such query has a location to them or ‘near me’ based on Google maps or if the search engine has your site. Now search engines perceive that you want suggestions and lists based on your location, so that is what they show in the local search engine results pages. This particularity in search engine results is making invest in Local SEO profitable for your business to grow and get your local traffic.

Benefits of Local SEO:

  • Huge local traffic on your website. A thumping presence in your local market.
  • We are helping in building the local SEO community and thus profit everyone via Local SEO.
  • Higher local ranking results in higher trust. Local SEO earns a higher ranking and gets the benefit.
  • An excellent Local SEO reduces your advertisement cost and, simultaneously, improves your website traffic.
  • Survey says that mobile devices account for 52 percent of online traffic and increase rapidly. Thus making it more compatible for you to emerge on local businesses searches.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is basically the soul of SEO. It is the technical aspect of SEO. Without it, SEO can’t perform and be sabotaged. It helps in increasing the ranking of your website on search engine page results. Technical SEO works for any website, blog, product, or internet platform. Technical SEO yields a better result when the following criteria are followed:

  • Fast Website Speed- Your website speed must be fast otherwise, generally search engines prefer fast-loading websites on the summit of their search engines result. Also, the slow website may irritate users and push them to other websites.
  • Duplicate content- If your website contains duplicate content then it is difficult to emerge on top and thus result in failed SEO.
  • Fix your dead link pages if there are any. Slow loading pages are really frustrating and what is more irritating are dead pages, so find them and fix them.

4. On-page SEO

That’s basically what your customer or reader sees when they are on your page. On-page SEO works on the uniqueness of your content, better keywords, content that must be easy but informative, out-of-the-box writing, etc. On-page SEO works better if you optimize your heading, H1 tag, images that you are using on your website should be relatable.

Benefits of on-page SEO:

  • Conversation rates are higher- In on-page SEO conversation rates of browsers into buyers are much higher.
  • Website value increases for the long term- On-page SEO helps you in increasing the worth of your website for a longer term.
  • Much less in spending compared to other advertising methods.

5. Off-page SEO

It is about promoting your website out there on the internet. Other SEO’s work on technical aspects of your website while off-page SEO relies on promotions of your page. You can promote your website under off-page SEO through link building via other websites. Also, you can promote your page like brands promote their products.

Benefits of Off-page SEO:

  • The exposure your website gets through Off-page SEO is unmatchable.
  • It takes your website to the summit of search engine results.
  • When your website emerges at the top three results it automatically fascinates more and more clicks from browsers, and hence more footfalls on your website.

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