Tudip – Cultivating Workspace Diversity

Tudip – Cultivating Workspace Diversity


Dipti Agrawal

05 April 2018

Tudip – Cultivating Workspace Diversity

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” is a Sanskrit phrase found in one of the profoundly intellectual texts from ancient India known as the Maha Upanishads. This phrase has a very deep meaning which means, “The world is our family.” Although many centuries have passed since this phrase was first used, today this phrase has materialized and we can see the results. Technology has played a major role in the materialization of this thought. Thanks to the development of the technology today, we are living as we say in a “global village” where everyone is easily connectable. The most successful people in the IT sector vouch for globalization.

Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google says, “Globalisation is the next big thing. Over time you will see more global products that are developed in India first. That’s our aspiration.”

Technology can also be named as a pioneer in facilitating business on a global level. Today when talking about the IT sector we can see immense progress happening by the minute. This sector is potent and software developers from all over the world are constantly contributing and bringing something new to the market. Thus to strive in this dynamic market, innovation is very necessary. Innovation is stimulated when many creative brains come together and work in unison. When these brains come from a culturally varied background it sure makes a huge difference.

Tudip Technologies has been successful in harnessing this power of innovation successfully. We are a unique company which has people working from all over India as well as abroad. According to various research and studies, diversity & globalization can prove an asset for a company. Diverse teams result in a stronger financial as well as vibrant performance when it comes to team building. Tudip Technologies has built an excellent team by looking beyond the typical parochial outlook.

We have been successful in acquiring talents and creative brains coming from different backgrounds culturally as well as geographically. Tudip Technologies promotes an open culture and thus each and every individual in this company can put forth his or her ideas. Tudip has a unique work culture which does not follow a hierarchical system like most of the corporates do. Feminism and the equality issue between men and women has been discussed a lot all over the world. At Tudip this has never been an issue, as we have Ms. Dipti Agrawal one of the most influential women in India as our CEO.

Recently we celebrated #WomensDay at Tudip. We envision to support and grow our society will be incomplete by empowering our women. #TudipTechnologies

We at Tudip Technologies strongly believe that “All work and no play makes you a dull person”. Tudipians have regular fun sessions in the form of birthday celebrations, the celebration of different festivals and also other activities like sports and movies. Don’t be surprised when you visit our office and see people dancing like madmen on loud music! That is just a part of our work culture! Here is an insight of the fun sessions in our office. We are also celebrating #Tudip8thAnniversary and #TudipGames as we are completing our 8 years today.

In India where we consider our guest as god, at Tudip we love welcoming newcomer and making them feel like home. Above is our team presenting the #Tudipians.

In India where we celebrate festival from around the world and every religion, have a look at our Christmas Celebration at Tudip With a quirky ambiance, the office of Tudip is a fun place to work where you can find cool posters of rock bands, quotes of your favorite movie characters and also swings to sit back, relax and have a nice cup of hot coffee on the terrace.

Tudip fosters unity in diversity and there is no discrimination between caste, creed, color, gender, and religion. Let us have a look at what Tudipians who have been working here have to say.

Cédric Richardeau (France)

Working at Tudip Technologies is definitely one of the biggest change of my life! The ambiance and the diversity of people coming from all over India to work here is something amazing. Compared to Europe, in India, one can easily get to know each other over a cup of this so-called “Chai”. Everyone is asking personal questions and it’s actually giving another aspect to the relationships. It’s offering an interesting opportunity to feel closer to people quickly. I enjoyed the Holi celebration and the last competition we had at work (including carom, arm wrestling, and chess!). Of course, we all are working hard here, but the fact that we can enjoy in the meantime makes it even better.

Juan Carlos (Colombia)

India has always surprised and inspired me in equal measures. This is my third coming to India, and to work at Tudip Technologies is indeed a wonderful feeling. I have experienced various cultural diversities in the first week itself. Tudip has people from different parts of the world working together. I am thrilled to be a part of Tudip team.

Sweta Singh (Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand)

Since I came in Tudip, I feel I have gathered a lot of knowledge. The people here are friendly as well as co-operating. Even being so far away from my home, at Tudip Technologies I feel at home. I got to know about various festivals celebrated all over India as well as the food habits of people coming from all over India.

Roushan Kumar (Jharkhand to NewYork to Pune)

I have traveled the world but surprisingly I have never gone around in my own home country, India. Being in Tudip I feel I got a chance to explore and know more about my country, religion, and belief. Being a global traveler and technology enthusiast I feel, Tudip is an assembly of cultures, creed and diversities. My grandfather used to say “go as far you can and see what you have learned and experience and then share that experience with the world”. With that, I feel I am kaleidoscopic and happy to be at TUDIP to share and learn.

Well, we are not just restricted to India when it comes to bringing in talent for our company. We are one of the few companies which have decided to go global and are bringing in the best employees from all over the world.

Ayush Jhaldiyal (Dehradun, Uttrakhand)

It has been a wonderful experience to work in Tudip. You get to know and work with different people from different parts of the country and the culture they bring in with them is so enlightening! This place has got a zing of its own.

Kamlesh Paliwal (Udaipur, Rajasthan)

Working in Tudip has indeed been a heck of an experience. I have had a lot of fun while working here and have met people from all corners of India and world. All my colleagues have come from different backgrounds. We work in unison regardless of which state or country a person comes from or what religion he follows. Everyone here is treated equally.

Shivani Reddy (Hyderabad, Telangana)

Being a Tudipian has changed my personality. I have improved my soft skills and have started interacting with many people from different part of India. I also have learned to speak Hindi which was as good as a foreign language for me.

Deepak Sharma (Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh)

I find the work culture in Tudip something different. Being in Tudip, I got to know what is going on in the technological market. Though the people come here from different parts of India we work with mutual understanding as well as cooperation. I love working here, I can be truly myself as there are no restrictions on the clothes we wear. We can also listen to music while working! Flexible timings is also an added benefit at Tudip.

Furqan Ashai (Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir)

Working in Tudip has been a great experience. I have learned about various cultures and customs. Being a Tudipian has added to my personal growth. I feel that working here has groomed me intellectually.

Abhijith K. (Andhra Pradesh)

While working in Tudip, I got an opportunity to work with some of the best brains from all over India. I have met many people across the country. Being from Kerala, I don’t know Hindi. However, this has not been a barrier for me as all my colleagues are very co-operative and understanding.

Yugali Mohite (Pune, Maharashtra)

I am one of the localities in this company. My experience here has been a journey through all over India. Sitting right here in Pune, I got to know what are the different festivals celebrated in various parts of India, what is the political situation in different regions, the food habits of people and of course the different languages which are spoken in different states. Considering the amount of knowledge which I have gathered working here, one may feel I have actually traveled across India as I get first-hand information and experiences from people living all over India.

In India, Tudip is the place to be and if I had to do the same, I’d do it again and again!

We would like to say that at Tudip you are not a man or woman, a Maharashtrian or a Bihari. Every single individual here is known to be a “Tudipian”. Tudip Technologies is more than just a software company. We are an integrated community of people working with integrity, bringing forth the innovation for the world and serenity to yourself.

We are very happy to share that Tudip is recognized as Best Offshore Software Development Companies and Top India Software Development Companies on Software Development Company.

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