Tudip Leadership Summit 2018

Tudip Leadership Summit 2018


05 May 2018

Sustainability is one of the most important aspects of a business. In today’s volatile scenarios it is very difficult to taste the fruits of stability. Each and every organization faces an ongoing change in the behavior of the customers, change in the technology, change in the business model as well as trends. When it comes to the IT industry this risk is even graven as the technology is evolving constantly. The competition is also rising day by day and thus each organization needs effective leadership to counter these challenges.

Effective leadership is something which can be developed over a period of time. An organization needs to harness the ideas, energy, enthusiasm of the team and channelize it in such a way that it helps the organization in achieving the targets and success. In order to enhance the leadership skills of the employees, one must understand the concept of effective leadership. A leader is the one who works for the team as well as with the team.

Tudip Leadership Summit 2018

At Tudip, we believe that great leaders are made and not born. “The difference between mere management and leadership is communication.” These are the thoughts of Winston Churchill who happens to be one of the most influential leaders the world has ever seen. The quote above is deep and explains a lot of things about leadership. We believe that every Tudipian possesses exceptional leadership qualities and these qualities just need to be harvested well.

Tudip like every year had arranged a leadership summit. The eighth Tudip Leadership Summit commenced on 20th of April at Dream Holidays Resort at Lonavla. This summit was an intense session which threw light upon many aspects of the leadership. The main purpose of conducting the Tudip Leadership Summit was to mold those Tudipians who are venturing into the management for the first time, into leaders. Let us have an insight into what the Tudip Leadership Summit 2018 was all about.

Tudip Leadership Summit 2018

Here are the highlights of the Tudip Leadership Summit 2018:

What is the role of a manager?

One of the most important roles of the manager is to understand the individuality of each and every employee. Each employee of the company has different skills and attitude towards work. A leader must put together these skills of the employees and then assign the work. The employees of a company look up to the manager and hence it is important for the manager to be a good role model for them. He/She must enable employees to deliver values to clients. A manager must take responsibility and should not blame others if a task is not carried out properly. When it comes to great leadership it is never you and me, it is always we. And the key thing to remember is, accountability can not be delegated!

What is the difference between a manager and a great manager?

The Tudip Leadership Summit focused on how one can be a great manager. Anyone can be a manager, but it requires soft as well as intellectual skills to be a great manager. Manager leads the team whereas a great manager works with the team. A manager gives orders to the team whereas a great manager gives responsibility to the team. A manager avoids challenges but a great manager accepts the challenges. This session was very enlightening for the Tudipians as it also taught how to implement the same with some really fun games and examples.

Tudip Leadership Summit 2018

How to delegate responsibility and create accountability?

As a manager one of the most important responsibilities is to delegate work to the employees. This can be a tough call as it can also backfire if the employees fail to perform. However, it is impossible to lead a team without delegating the responsibilities. You need to remember one important thing when you delegate the responsibilities, you delegate the authority but not the accountability.

How to give feedback?

There are times when the employees do not stand up to your expectations. In this case, a proper feedback should be given to the employees. To err is human, to forgive is divine. The Tudip Leadership Summit had a special session where it was taught how to give feedback to your employees. You should appreciate your team members when they complete their task successfully. And for the times when they don’t, you need to guide them on how to do the task correctly the next time. Your feedback should motivate and develop your employees and not demotivate them. Feedback without coaching is criticism. However while implementing this one must also keep in mind that the managers are not here to make people happy and thus feedback should be honest and fact based instead of it being a perception based feedback.

Tudip Leadership Summit 2018 The eighth Tudip Leadership Summit was a success as it turned our developers into not just managers but great managers. This leadership program gave the Tudipians the keystone to achieve their targets and also take their team along with them. We at Tudip abide by intrapreneurship and this summit is just a medium to promote the same.

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