Basketball Shots Free


  • The main challenge was to implement the different goal modes, one to through the multiple ball in a moving basket and another to catch the multiple ball in the basket.
  • To design the game board having basketball and hoop and handle the left, right and click control according to the game modes.
  • The score to be calculated is by the two different conditions, according to the game modes, i.e. count the number of balls through in basket in one game mode and count the number of catches by basket in another game mode.
  • To implement the different ball poster and animation nodes to set the ball spinning and size decreasing animation.
  • Initially we designed the game board having basketball and hoop using the scene graph’s different renderable nodes.
  • We used different scene graph animation and scale nodes to implement the spinning and size decreasing animation to basketball.
  • Implemented logic in brightscript for the set the angle to moving the ball on ok click in one game mode and handle the hoop control to catch the ball on the left and right click.
  • Implemented logic in BrightScript for calculating the amount of ball through in the basket and numbers of the ball catch by basket according to the game mode.