SteerSimple, end to end project management solution


Tudip SteerSimple is a Project, Resource and Customer Management solution that helps SMBs steer towards growth path at a very affordable price. SteerSimple users stand out in the crowd and are real heroes to their customers. SteerSimple is an excellent software which provides a one-stop solution for all the business day-to-day operations. No more contacting and calling people for updates. All the information can be managed in one place.


  • Multiple projects support
  • Flexible role based access control
  • Flexible issue tracking system
  • Gantt chart and calendar
  • News, documents & files management
  • Feeds & email notifications
  • Per project wiki
  • Time tracking
  • Custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects, and users
  • Milestones
  • Resource allocation
  • Quality management