Showcase of support and maintenance services

Showcase of support and maintenance services

10 August 2020

Support and maintenance are two strong pillars of the success of any inventive campaign or project. These each embody the abilities and needs for supporting application systems, together with troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing bequest systems. Maintenance of computer code comes as a very important innovation in computer code engineering. However, maintenance of a software comes with several challenges. For technical and social control and also for economic efficiency, several such projects outsourced to Asian countries, Philippines, Russia or China.

Software support services square measure typically technical support or break/fix services that square measure delivered for specific package product. These services embody revenue derived from long-run technical-support contracts or pay-as-you-go, incident-based support. package support services usually embody remote troubleshooting capabilities, installation help and basic usability help.

Tudip’s approach of Smart Support 

At Tudip Technologies we believe in smart work and thinking ahead of time to avoid any unwanted mishaps with the application that we develop for our clients. We use the same approach for the Support and Maintenance Projects. For a user count of millions and billions, smart support and flexible process management plays a vital role. Here is a sneak peek into our operations:

  • Coaching the Trainer: For the smooth support process, the support agents shouldn’t be trained but coached. Training the agent over the application is essential, but the technical expertise and skills helps the agent to provide a better and faster resolution of the issues which come up on a day to day basis.
  • Dedicated Team and Smart work: A support team consists of various pillars working individually but together. The correct triaging of the issues, tactful issue handling and smart work makes the application management easy.
  • Quick issue understanding and flexible support approach: While assisting the users, it is very important to look from the user’s perspective. Understanding a user’s approach to work, his/her background knowledge and experience and then guiding the user in the fastest way is a very crucial part of providing “ Smart Support”.
  • Knowledge base: For Software Support and Maintenance, a knowledge base is the treasure with all the important components documented step by step considering the common understanding level and updated time-to-time for helping both the users as well as the agents.
  • Swift Issue Reporting and Bypassing solution: Even after the time to time maintenance, the dependency of application elements may cause an unexpected error. Sometimes, this error may affect a significant portion of the audience breaking the smooth application delivery promise. In such cases, the swift issue reporting and bypassing solution helps to reduce the effect count. In the software field, this requires a skilled technical support team for smart work.
  • Improving the End User Experience: Lesser the user disappointment, better is your application. Whenever any user reaches out to the Support for help, it becomes very essential to provide 100% assistance till the end. Sometimes, the user is not satisfied with the support provided or the application feature. When this happens, it is important to dig in to the root cause of dissatisfaction and work on it immediately. Tudip Technologies believes in “Continuous Improvement”. This process may include the process chain modification, incorporating new features in the application or better user guidance.
  • Support Analysis and Feature Request: While working as a software support for any application, the issue analysis is the major point in your application growth. This issue analysis should be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The impact ratio will help the project team to understand the glitch in the development. This may include very basic or user caused issues or major failures. For better user experience, this analysis should also include the transient errors or issues encountered throughout the report.
  • Outages and Maintenance: Even after regular maintenance, there are changes of uncertain outages on application. Some outages can be a result of ongoing maintenance as well. The transparency with the users from the project team (development, testing, Support) can be a great relief to the users. The known Maintenance and its impact knowledge should be determined and well communicated to the users for avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Long story short a software product needs maintenance to support new features which will help in updation and will prevent further problems. It prevents the solution from vulnerability. Software needs maintenance.The need of maintenance is based on the actual or imminent failure. Tudip Technologies makes sure that the maintenance is carried out regularly to keep equipment and systems running efficiently throughout the lifecycle of the application. In this present era we can not evert our eyes from software. It is playing a crucial role in the evolution of the modern society

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