Understanding Graceful Shutdowns on Cloud Run

Cloud Run is a completely managed compute platform which lets us run any stateless containers on serverless.No need for Infrastructure with cloud run. Read here

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Reduce App size for Android in React native

In today’s world, user’s like to have apps, which are not too large, particularly where devices work on pay by byte usage plans. Learn the techniques to Reduce App size...

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The top technology trends for 2021

Top technology trends for 2021 are the Internet of Behaviours, Distributed cloud, Privacy-enhancing computation, Anywhere operations, and Cybersecurity mesh. Read more here.

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Using Zebra Printer API in Rails App

Explore how to use Zebra Printer API in Rails App and how we can implement the APIs using this gem to generate the ZPL string according to the need for...

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Website Testing Guide: How to Test a Website?

What is Web Testing? Testing the application for finding the potential bugs before it's going to live and accessible to the public. Read more about the website testing.

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5 practices to manage your multi-cloud environment

Multi-cloud space is maturing and becoming a mainstream component of enterprise IT environments. Check out the 5 practices to manage a multi-cloud environment.

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Integrating Google Cloud Build with JFrog Artifactory

JFrog Artifactory is the global binary repository manager and is employed to integrate the 2 environments for safe, continuous delivery of production-ready applications to Kubernetes through GKE.

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Stripe Integration with Laravel

Stripe is a payment gateway that offers easy and most efficient ways to process payments online. Learn how to integrate Stripe payment gateway with Larvel.

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Auth0 implementation with flask framework

Learn how to add user login to a web application built with the Flask framework. We will recommend you to follow this article with examples configured for your account with...

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How to use Google Kubernetes Engine for running dedicated Game server

What is the Google Kubernetes Engine & how to use the Google Kubernetes Engine for running the dedicated Game server? Read more about how to use it and its features

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SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Overview

What is SharePoint Framework (SPFx)? The Sharepoint Framework provides a facility for client-side development on the SharePoint platform. Check this article now

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How AI and ML Are Evolving Digital Transformation?

Have you ever wondered how something you have seen through a website keeps popping up in your Instagram or Facebook feed? It was just an AI that has evolved

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Api Authentication using Laravel Sanctum

Laravel Sanctum was introduced in the Laravel 7.x version. This feature provides us a simple authentication framework for SPA (Single Page Application). Using Sanctum we can produce various for a...

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Integration of Google Places search API in Node JS

If you want to add place search and want to display places on Google map using NodeJS then you are at the right place. Google provides a feature of searching...

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Best Practices in Cybersecurity Defensive Strategies for Small and Big Businesses

Cybercriminals love small businesses, with reports showing a 27.4% rise in the average annual number of security breaches in developed countries. Studies also show that stolen IT assets and the...

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7 Database Paradigms

We all have heard “Use the right tool for the job and not vice versa”, when it comes to app development, choosing the right database is one of the single...

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Google Pay integration for web applications

In this blog, we are going to integrate Google Pay payment method in our PHP website using AuthorizeDotNet. We will mainly focus on what to do after generating the payment...

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Multiple VPC Networks

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network is a physical network in the virtual environment implemented in the Google Cloud. A VPC provides connectivity for compute engine instances, Kubernetes engine clusters,...

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Migrating To Public Cloud? Important Things To Consider

From any atmosphere to any cloud, whether or not AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or others. Our end-to-end approach provides organizations a secure, repeatable and scalable path to the cloud....

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How to add localisation and translate your React app

Localization refers to customizing the look and feel of your Mobile or Web App for users of different regions and dialects. Also, you may have come across the word internationalization...

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