What is CloudOps?

Cloud operations (CloudOps) is the best practice of managing the performance and availability of cloud service to have maximum ROI such as maintaining the service, security, and other benefits.

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7 Benefits for a Small Business by installing SSL Certificate

If you’re a small business owner who wants to ensure the security of his business assets like website, server, and other user data, then you’re already way better than a...

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What is LDAP? The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is an open-source and cross-platform protocol that helps applications to communicate with other directory services.

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Cloud Computing: Its direct and indirect impact on the planet

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computing services such as storage, firewalls, Kubernetes, etc.

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Hooks in React

What is a Hook? Hooks are the functions that let you work with the state and lifecycle components of React by using function components. Know more

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Why IOT Standardization is important

Promoters of the (IoT) Internet of Things are no strangers to its possibility, knowing it has the strength to aid every feature of the human experience. Know more

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Laravel and PHP Setup from Scratch

To Install the updates you need to have a ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, or 20.04 server with a non-root sudo-enabled user account and a basic firewall. Read more

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Cloud Computing: Why businesses are moving towards it

According to other experts, moving to the cloud can provide companies with a range of benefits including lower IT costs, flexibility, efficiency, security, performance, and the potential for innovation and...

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Implement Health Checks in ASP.Net Core

Health checks are a crucial part of any distributed system. Especially in the world of micro services, it is important to understand if the service is running healthy or not.

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Easy way to setup your AWS EC2 Instance

What is EC2 Instance? It is a Computing resource that provides a virtual computing environment to deploy your application. Read more

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AutoML Training Guide

Get all the details about the AutoML training guide like the Manual Annotations process and the Auto Annotations process.

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Closures and their importance in Javascript

What are Closures? Functions along with a reference to its lexical environment bundled together are known as closures. Learn more about the closures and their importance.

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How to Use Proxies to Accelerate Cloud Applications

It’s more important than ever to improve web application speed. The proportion of economic activity conducted online is increasing. Read more

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Importance of Mobile Automation Testing

Software testing is one of the main processes involved in mobile application development, where every mobile app developed is tested for various app features.

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Big Data Processing with Apache Beam

In this world, daily every minute, every second, lots of data is generated from a variety of data sources. So, it is very tedious to extract and process information from...

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Distributing React Native App via Microsoft Appcenter

After all the hard work you have done in building the app, it's time to distribute it. There are various mediums through which distribution can be done

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Custom payment form using Stripe elements?

Stripe Elements is a predefined UI component that can be used to create a custom payment form that will gather a customer’s card details without handling sensitive data in a...

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7 Reasons to Love Working With Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)

The first encounters of software engineers with Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) generally happen very early, even during their studies.

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Google Cloud IAM: Introduction

What is Cloud IAM: Google Cloud Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a web service which gives the cloud administrators the authority to decide “Who can do What on Which...

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Using Topic Models to Support Software Maintenance

It is a hectic and time-consuming procedure at the time to develop software application testing. It would help if you took all the measures for maintenance purposes.

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