Linear Regression in Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the important applications of Artificial Intelligence/AI that provides systems the capability to automatically learn new things and improve from their own experience

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Hosting a REST API with a Cloud Firestore backend

Have you ever thought about building a REST API? A serverless Rest API with a serverless compute and a serverless database. For this, we have options from Microsoft, Amazon, and...

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Exoplayer in Android

Exoplayer is a media player for playing audio and video both locally and over the internet on Android. This exoplayer is far better than Android’s Media Player.

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5 Ways To Protect Your Data From Fraudsters

In a world full of information and misinformation, data has become increasingly valuable – even more so than it once used to be. Read more about data protection

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How Will Artificial Intelligence Bring Revolution in 2021?

Artificial intelligence that was once only associated with business now has become an inseparable part of people's everyday lives. Read more about it here.

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Salesforce Lightning: Career and Certifications

It is a component-based framework and by the help of this we can develop applications from (basically Salesforce is a cloud-based company and it provides CRM

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Edge Computing: The future of computing and next-generation connectivity

In cloud computing, we deal with the activities like data management, data storing and data retrieving from any other device just by using a virtual network or internet.

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Building a Microservices Ecosystem with Kafka Streams and KSQL

Kafka Streams is a library for streaming applications that transform input Kafka topics into output Kafka topics (calls to external services or updates to databases).

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Why Do Modern Businesses Prefer Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Mobile user is increasing day to day so target them via mobile app is best marketing. Here we share Why Do Modern Businesses Prefer Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

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Solo Entrepreneurs Can Utilize These Resources to Run Their Business

Running a business is a lot of work, whether you have several employees or are handling things yourself. The good news is, solo entrepreneurs have many options these days for...

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C# MicroService

What is a Microservice? A Microservice is a unit component of a system. It is built by connecting the components that can communicate using the APIs.

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Angular: One-way and Two-way data binding with example

What is Data binding? Data binding defines communication between component and view. There are two types of Data binding that exist in Angular: One-way and Two-way data binding.

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How to integrate DocuSign in a .Net project?

DocuSign is an eSignature technology that provides a way to sign the document electronically. The features of DocuSign include user identity management and authentication services.

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5 UI Animation Trends To Look Out For In 2021

With UI becoming more and more innovative, it’s inevitable that animation eventually became an integral element of user interface design. Read more to explore more about the UI trends.

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App Center API

Visual Studio App Center puts many common resources together into a cloud solution for DevOps. To design, test, and distribute software, developers use the App Center.

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Basics of Video.js

When HTML5 introduced the and tags, they made our media files genuinely accessible to the Internet. Read more here

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Scriptless Test Automation: Transforming Software Testing

In recent years, there have been several changes in the world of technology. An equivalent has happened within the software testing world where Test Automation has evolved to facilitate rapid...

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Clevertap Integration in React Native

CleverTap is a platform for customer retention that offers app integration features and also provides analytics and marketing. Read more here

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Tudip has been announced as Top Cloud App Development Companies of 2021

Tudip Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a CMMI level 3 company that focuses on building long-term relationships with clients by providing high-quality services to them.

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LiveData: Android

LiveData is one of the first architectural components. It is a simple lifecycle-aware observable data holder. Dependency: implementation "androidx.lifecycle:lifecycle-livedata:$lifecycle_version".

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