Software Testing Process

There are the following development methodologies Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, V-Model. Know more about the Software Testing

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Docker Overview

Are you a techie? Of course, you are if you’re here, reading this blog. So you must’ve at least heard of Docker: a helpful tool for packing, shipping, and running...

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TypeScript with ReactJs

Why TypeScript? Benefits of TypeScript.The top main reasons for Typescript are below: Superset of Javascript, easy to learn. Read more

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Another 5 UI Trends to Look Out for in 2021

With more than half of 2021 in the books, we thought we’d serve you up with an update on the UI trends dominating the world of web design. Read more.

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Everything you need to know about website security and domain privacy protection

Businesses are increasingly using their website as one of the means to collate customer information. The use of data can help them undertake several activities that can pertain to providing...

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Working with Kafka

Kafka is used for enabling communication between producers and customers victimization message-based topics. Read more

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Docker and Docker Container

Docker is an open-source platform that packages an application and all of its dependencies together in the form of docker containers, which ensures that your application will work seamlessly in...

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Angular vs React

Learning Curve: On Angular, they need to learn a lot of things. ReactJs is just a library and so it has fewer concepts to learn in comparison to Angular.

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Why Japanese doesn’t have strict sentence order?

In Japanese, we have things called particles that come after almost every word in the sentence to identify exactly what role that word is playing.

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IoT technology for healthcare in 2021

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced organizations and people to follow the new social distancing concept. Therefore, it has prioritized the use of AI and IoT technologies to explore new...

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Serverless Lambda Function AWS

What is Serverless? Serverless is a term that generally refers to serverless applications. Serverless applications are ones that don't need any server provision and do not require managing servers.

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Generate Android build using VSTS pipeline

With the use of the VSTS pipeline, you can generate Android builds easily. VSTS pipeline can pull code from any code version control tool.

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GNU manipulation tools installation and working

This blog helps you to install and calculate the image size in the GNU manipulation tool. Get more insights about the GNU Manipulation tool

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Thinking of Opening a Startup? Make sure you know Python

The requirements to start a business are very different from what they were a decade back. After all, most businesses have gone online nowadays, and e-commerce is more prominent than...

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How Mobile App Development Changing Forever: No-Code Vs. Custom App

Since mobile app development is rapidly transforming with every passing day with new technologies and approaches, it is essential to compare the new and evolving approaches with traditional methods.

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Authentication and Identity management solutions on GCP

GCP offers a no. of solutions for Authentication and Identity management. Below are a few examples for the same.

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The best way to Integrate the Node JS Application with MongoDB

In this article, you are going to learn about how to integrate a MongoDB database with an existing Node application. Node.js has the ability to work with both MySQL and...

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Build a Mini Netflix with React

What is React? React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook for building fast and interactive user interfaces for efficient user interfaces and single-page applications.

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Using Context API in react app

What is a context API? The Context API is a structural component that enables React to handle states at all stages of your application. Read more

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Turning Rough Mock-Ups to Dynamic Wireframes

When you have an idea of an approach and you’re inspired & have some rough ideas, it’s time to start out with sketching. It provides a fast and straightforward thanks...

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