Promoting Careers with Promising Bright Future

Promoting Careers with Promising Bright Future

Good employees are like deep roots holding the success of an organization. To understand the working of a successful organization one must understand how well the organization treats the employee. Incepted in 2010, Tudip Technologies admits that employees are the backbone of the company as happy employees lead to happy clients which in turn leads to a successful company. The organization has many recreational events to keep the employees engaged. Regular training sessions are organized on various software related topics to keep them updated about the latest software. At the end of the month, on every 4th Saturday we have an Improvement Day where all employees participate and share feedback on projects along with the areas of improvement. By this, the firm ensures that the employees are motivated by having such engaging activities.

Tudip fosters a culture of transparency and ownership in the collective conduct. The firm is accountable for the employee’s thoughts, actions, and communication. All the values are ‘non-negotiable’ and are not compromised for personal or corporate gains. Tudip constantly applies moral & principled behavior in all the transactions, which builds trust and honesty. The company creates a positive working environment for all the employees which makes them feel valued and special.

Ensuring Growth for Each and Every Employee

Tudip Technologies started 9 years ago with just 4 people. Ever since then it has been growing at a rate of 100% every year both in terms of revenue as well as headcount, which is a sign of an ideal organization. The company owes its success to the complete commitment of the team towards the client value and as a Chief Executive Office of Tudip Technologies, Dipti Agrawal feels that it’s her personal commitment to bring the best of ideas, capabilities, processes and solutions towards achieving the necessary business outcomes that the client have set for themselves.

Over a period of time, Tudip has cultivated a set of people who could start acting as a bouncing board for ideas which will eventually fill in more leadership roles in the organization. The company operates with an in-house team of software developers, quality assurance engineers, business analysts, network specialists as well as translators. This ensures more growth within the company for each and every employee.

A Great Place for Fresher

Tudip Technologies provides a career not just a job for those who are passionate about their work and want to build their career. It provides ample opportunities to grow within the company technically as well as a technocrat by promoting Intrapreneurship. It enables the employee to help clients enhance and improve while building a career. The company promotes Integrity, Innovation, and Serenity. Tudip is a dynamic and highly agile company. It is a growing company and offers opportunities for each and every employee, which ensures security as well as stability for the employees. As a fresher who is just starting their career, it is important to start with a good organization where he can explore his skills. Working with Tudip Technologies is great for a fresher as he/she can get the opportunity of working in real-time with relevant technologies that are running the world.

Building Long-Term Relationships with Clients

The company’s vision is to be a Global Partner and the first choice for the customers by providing leadership in specific domains to help the customers accelerate the value creation process. Adhering to its vision, Tudip believes in building long term relationships with clients which helps them to survive in the long run. Furthermore, it feels the only way to build a long term relationship with the clients is to keep them happy by providing quality services. The most important factor for a company to be successful is to be transparent with the clients and discuss each and every minute detail related to the project.

There are three factors which lead to longevity in client relationship—transparency, commitment to client value and agility. Tudip believes in providing an effective client service, taking care of the employees’ needs and creating a success story to remember. It has a wide range of clients, varying in scale, in industries, regions, and technology. Tudip has also worked on various international projects with global leaders and niche players across various industries including Smart Appliances, OTT, Agriculture, Healthcare, eCommerce, eLearning and many more.

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Tudip’s mission is to ‘ create a niche’ by offering cutting-edge integrated services across technologies empowered by innovation, best-in-class process and world-class technology. It provides a better platform that translates an individual into an experienced and immensely skilled professional through an ethical and vibrant business environment.

Dipti asserts that there are three top factors responsible for creating a culture of excellence. Firstly, an organization needs to have a clear and defined vision that will help to work on a predefined path. Secondly, it needs to be accountable for all its actions and should also recognize the good efforts of its employees. Lastly, the company should believe in collaborative teamwork which directly helps in the long run.

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