The Best & Trusted IT Services Company

The Best & Trusted IT Services Company

Choosing the right Software service company plays an important role in any online business. A company with a well-designed website does not necessarily mean that their site will be ranked first on Google’s search results.

There are plenty of options available on the software market. Ideally, you would need to choose the best company that will fulfill all of your requirements in a cost-effective package. Also, you’d need to do some in-depth analysis of all of the Software service company that offer what you need. The in-depth analysis includes all parameters that you need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider. The most common parameters are listed below:

  • Services
  • Clients
  • Technical support
  • Customer reviews

The items mentioned in the list above are a few of the more important parameters that you should consider when selecting a Software service company for your business. This article will give you an overall review of the Tudip Technologies. They are a leading Software service company company that provides several features and services at an affordable price point. Let’s get started.

In this Tudip Technologies review, we are going to list all of the services, industries, clients, and office locations of Tudip Technologies to give you a clear cut idea of what they are all about and if they can helpful to you as client in building powerful applications without any time consuming research about them.

Let’s get started.


About Tudip Technologies


Tudip Technologies has been launched back in 2010, they have a strong team of software engineers and developers with at least 500+ employees working with them at the time of writing this review.

They are an Indian based business that has some local presence in the US market also. From business application development to next-generation application development, this makes them a very promising app development company to work with.


Services Tudip Technologies


  • IoT
  • Wearables
  • Product Engineering
  • Product Support and maintenance
  • Cloud computing
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Android app development
  • iOS app development
  • Quality assurance and RPA
  • Augmented Reality
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

From IoT services to next-generation services such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, they have everything that you’ll need to develop an amazing application. They don’t offer other software development related services and have also not listed any website design and development related services. So, it is fair to say that they only offer application development at the moment.


Working Industries


  • Education
  • Financial services
  • Payment services
  • Healthcare and medical industries
  • Information technology
  • Social media and entertainment

Although they have a long list of mobile-centric services, they have not delivered applications and mobility solutions in too many industries which means either they are focusing on the above-mentioned industries or they have not received requests to deliver applications in other industries.

If your target industry is listed here, you can start with your application development project but if your industry is not listed here, you will have to get in touch with them to get started with a free consultation which will clear all your doubts about their services and availability.


Major areas


  • Mobile app development
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Cloud computing
  • E-Commerce development


Big clients and portfolio items


    • Google:
    • A training platform to teach and train people about AWS and Google Cloud Services.

    • Brightside:
    • It is a digital platform to help mentors to connect with interested students and professionals.

    • UPL:
    • They have been helping UPL to develop multiple applications, internal portals for analytics purpose, buddgeting tool, Web applications and testing of it.

    • Tech Mahindra:
    • hey have been involved with TechM in many projects by helping them to create a user friendly websites, Managing the CMS, Application development, Testing and providing IT support to them.

    • Livongo:
    • Tudip developed a completely new approach for diabetes management, weight management, and hypertension, thereby digitzing things for Livongo and making it user friendly for users.

    • Fidget Spinner:
    • A game about Fidget spinner in which you can set the speed and power level with multiple remote buttons.

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