Burn-down Charts: Importance and Usage

Burn-down Charts: Importance and Usage



16 April 2020

Burn-down Chart is a visual measurement tool which helps to track progress in a project. It shows how much work is remaining to complete a definite task or a project.

The total time required to complete the required amount of work is represented graphically using a Burn-down Chart. The work estimated is represented on the Y-axis whereas the time in terms of days is represented on the X-axis. It is simply a Work estimated V/S Time graph which is used to know the actual and predicted time required to complete the desired task or project.


Burn-down chart helps to know when to speed up the work left and when to stop. Due to which the project can be completed within the final deadline which is mostly expected from everyone. But due to lack of efficiency and planning the desired work or project cannot be completed in the given timeline.

Burn-down is an effective example of efficient planning of the work required to complete a project or task.

To create a Burn-down chart, firstly an Ideal work line is drawn with respect to the time in which the work should be completed. Then according to the Ideal work line, the actual work line is marked step by step once the tasks are completed step by step as per the Ideal work line.

Burn-down charts are fruitful because it shows how the team is committed towards the work and timeline. It depicts the way to complete all the tasks in a given deadline.

It is used most effectively to track the total work remaining in the sprint so that the team can finish it in a given deadline.

Burn-down Charts shows:

  • The team efforts
  • Comparison of Ideal and Actual time required to complete the work.
  • Amount of work left
  • When to speed up the work
  • The Predicted time required to complete the work

Before starting the work of any project or task, Burn-down chart should be prepared first so that

  • Manager will be able to give precise updates about the amount of work done by the team in a sprint to the clients.
  • It will be useful to check the progress of the project and according to that the timely and organized work can be completed in the given deadline.

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